Working through my stash

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have three goals for the 2012 State Fair season, and one of those goals is to use my yarn stash as my main source of yarn.

I did buy a skein of Red Heart Yarn’s new Super Saver color, blue suede, but aside from that purchase, I have been working the yarns that are in the yarn annex, my crochet empire, and adoring the top of the piano in the living room.

Today, after attending to the now former mess that was my laundry room (another goal I have for the state fair season is to have a more orderly house when it ends), I needed to get my son to his trumpet lesson, and before the trumpet lesson, I needed to take him to Marsh Woodwinds to have a repair made to his trumpet.

As we headed out to the car for our early afternoon tour of musical errands, I grabbed a partial skein that was both nearby and in danger of becoming a tangled mess. As luck would have it, it is one of my favorite neutrals: Red Heart Classic warm brown.

While my son took his trumpet in for the repair, I sat in the car and started work on this triangle:

textured crochet triangle
Red Heart Classic medium brown large textured crochet triangle

The repair was completed in short order, and we headed over to the trumpet teacher’s house, where I finished the triangle, and then got a start on what ended up being these three squares:

brown textured crochet squares
Three small medium brown textured crochet squares

and these four rectangles:

textured crochet rectangles
Four medium brown textured crochet rectangles

By now, I had worked my way through the end of the skein of medium brown yarn, so I took this group photo:

textured crochet pieces
All of the medium brown crochet pieces in a group photo

But I still had some daylight left for crochet, so I turned my attention to this center square that I had made for a multi-color motif:

multicolor textured crochet square
The center of a multicolor crochet square with which I was not especially pleased

While it doesn’t look so bad in this photo, in life, it was not working, and no matter what rectangles and squares I surrounded it with, it still didn’t work.

So I frogged it. Then, using Red Heart Super Saver coral as the base color and three of the corner colors (Windsor blue, dark orchid, and claret) and along with tealeaf, I reworked the square:

multicolor textured crochet square
I rework the center of a multicolor crochet square with which I was not especially pleased

As was true with the previous incarnation of the square, the photo does not accurately represent the way it looks in life, so you will have to take my word for it that it does work better with the other colors I have available.

I don’t know exactly which color I will reach for tomorrow when I start on this project for yet another day, but I can hardly wait to find out.

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6 thoughts on “Working through my stash

  1. Been looking all over for instructions on how to make that triangle. Any idea where I can find some online?

  2. What is the name of the stitch you used for the triangle pattern?! It’s beautiful, I’d love to integrated it into some of my projects.

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