When words fail, take pictures!

My blog is a testament to the fact that I am a woman of many thousands of words, but those words failed me today when someone asked how I crocheted the line of the contrast color on the Frank Stella-inspired concentric granny square I am working on.

So instead of so many words, I have done my best to photograph and describe what takes place on the rows I think of as “the border rounds.”

To begin I make a granny square with a chain-3 corner (a chain-2 corner will not give you as nice and symmetrical a look) and a chain-1 between all other 3dc clusters.

There are two parts to making the transition from one color to the next.

After you have finished the last round of the color you are working with, fasten off your end, and weave it in. Then you are ready to begin a two part process.

The first step is to crochet the contrast color on the right side of the granny square through the edge of the last round of double crochet and chain stitches made.

Step 1: Insert hook through both loops of stitch from front to back
Step 2: yarn over and bring through to the front side of the work
Step 3: Continue to work slip stitch in this manner in each dc and each chain space
Step 3: Continue to work slip stitch in this manner in each dc and each chain space all the way around
A side view of the granny square after the contrast row has been added

Once you have worked a slip stitch in each dc and chain around the entire edge, fasten off your contrast color and weave in the ends. You are now ready for the second step in the process.

With the color of your choice, begin by attaching with a slip stitch to the second ch in any chain-3 corner.

Step one: Attach the yarn in the 2nd chain of the corner chain-2 and chain 3 for first dc
Step 2: Work two more dc into the same chain space, then chain 3
Step 3: Work 3 more dc into the same chain space as the other dc
Step 4: Chain 1 and work 3dc through the two loops of the next chain-1
Step 5: Along the edge, chain 1 and work a 3dc cluster in the next chain space; work 3dc, ch 3 3dc in 2nd chain of each corner ch-3; do this all the way around, join with sl st to first ch-3 dc

Once you complete the first round of 3dc clusters worked in this manner, you continue to work your granny square the traditional fashion (whatever your personal granny square tradition is) until you are ready to end your use of that color and begin the process all over again!

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4 thoughts on “When words fail, take pictures!

  1. Dear Crochetbug,

    i wish you a Happy Valentines Day and want to thank you for sharing this great pattern…i love it and i will try it next time!

    Send you many Greetings,

  2. Thank you for your artistry and your generosity in sharing this experience with us! I really get ‘fed’ by your work. So…. that is MY definition of an artist… someone who feeds me. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! Wish you were near enough to come share a pan of brownies and an afternoon of crafting!

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