What a difference three days make!

Sometimes you work a project, and sometimes the project works you.

At the moment I have any number of partially completed projects I would like to get done before my house guests (who are due in the latter half of March) arrive, but the blue blanket for my friend’s now toddler son is the one that currently will not let me rest.

I go to bed at night thinking of it, and it is there in my thoughts when I wake up in the morning.

When I wrote about it on Monday, I had completed the first four of thirteen rows:

The first four rows

Since then, I have continued to work on it.

Before I left the house for my son’s trumpet lesson on Tuesday, I had taken the previous day’s pile of renegade squares and ordered and joined twenty-two of them into the futures rows 5 and 6 of the not-yet-completed afghan:

Rows 1-6 of thirteen

When all of the blue ends I had trimmed began to create their own vortex of chaos, I tied them together into this ball of scrap yarn, the foundation (no doubt) of a future project:

A scrap ball composed entirely of blue scraps from my Little Boy Blue blanket

Yesterday and today, (in addition to attending to some much needed household chores and must-do errands), I continued my efforts on this afghan, and almost completed rows 7 and 8:

The first eight of thirteen rows

Tomorrow I plan to begin my crochet day by completing all of the joining of the first eight rows.

That will leave me with just five rows to complete before I am faced with deciding just what elements comprise the perfect border.

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7 thoughts on “What a difference three days make!

  1. I just wonder if the scrap ball would give you enough length to make a fringe-like border…?

  2. I use to call my self quick, till I met you…your fingers have wings!!! Your hook is turbo charged!! The blanket looks so perfect for a little man. Go Girl Go! 🙂

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