What a difference a week makes

Last week at this time, I was nearly, but not quite, done with my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project.

I had run out of daylight, but still had work to do.

I set myself up at my breakfast/crochet counter:

Working by lamplight in the kitchen on a pet-hair free surface

and worked through the night.

Apparently that work paid off as a search of the 2012 North Carolina State Fair winner’s search shows that my entry this year got first place in its category.

But, I have, at this point, in many ways, moved on to what is next, and what is next for me is to finish the future felted fat bag:

I gather two ends of the future felted fat bag-to-be

but before I do that, I am working out some design questions I had with a more forgiving, unfelted version.

Over the weekend I finished crocheting the body of the bag,

The body of the future unfelted fat bag-to-be

as well as six curlicues:

Six curlicues for a tassel

Next, I went to Wish Upon a Quilt where (with the help of a woman who works there named Christine) I tracked down a coordinating fabric that I think suits the project perfectly

The fabric for the lining with the six curlicues

After washing and drying the fabric, I cut it to the correct size to line the fat bag-to-be:

The lining for the future fat bag, ready to be sewn into the fat bag-to-be

and sewed it in:

The future fat bag with the lining sewn in

Tomorrow, I will begin working on gathering the edges of the future fat bag and making the straps and a tassel, and if I have the crochet wind at my back, maybe, just maybe, the future fat bag will be transformed into simply “a fat bag,” — one ready for whatever adventure awaits.

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15 thoughts on “What a difference a week makes

  1. I knew you were going to win!!! Congratulations, you deserve it!!!

    I can’t wait to see the felted fat bag. It looks like something I might be able to do. 🙂

  2. Congratulation,
    WooHoo, I was sure you would win this year, but then I think you should every year, but then I love your designs.
    Hugs Audra

  3. Congratulations! It was so much fun following your crochet adventure with this BEAUTIFUL creation, (thanks). So happy your efforts were acknowledged with first place.

  4. Very many congratulations Leslie on your great achievement. I always knew your quilt afghan was a winner.

  5. Congratulations on FIRST PLACE! I would have been disappointed in the judges if they had been blind again this year. Your work was awesome!

  6. (I start my day with your blog)

    I knew you were going to win! You put nine million hours into this project and documented the whole thing! You are amazing!

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