Two more hats (almost)

Where I live in the northern hemisphere, it is definitely hat weather.

This morning, when I was walking my dog, it was about 39º F, a temperature I might normally think of as too cold, except for the fact that it had been preceded by the previous morning’s temperature of 19º F, which made this morning’s weather feel almost balmy.

Either way, I needed a hat to help keep the cold at bay and from settling into my bones for the rest of the day.

The onset of colder weather coincides with the holidays where I live, and there has been an uptick in collections of coats, hats, and other winter wear.

This year, I am finding that hats seem to have captivated me, and crocheting them has helped me reduce (however modestly) my stash.

Right now there are two hat patterns which have captured my imagination.

One is Beth Hall’s crochet seafarer’s cap. Using some Red Heart Super Saver burgundy yarn and a 5.5 mm hook, I began work on the cap yesterday, and by early afternoon today, I had finished with all of the crocheting:

All done but the joining
All done but the joining

After folding it over:

Folded and ready to join
Folded and ready to join

I set to work joining the stitches into one tidy seam, and after weaving in just two ends and gathering the top of the hat and weaving in two more ends, the hat was done:

A new, ready to wear seafarer's cap
A new, ready to wear seafarer’s cap

Happy to have completed the hat in what for me was record time, I returned to my other current favorite, Jenna Wingate’s scrap-buster hat.

Using a slightly different joining technique, I managed to create a much tidier join than my previous effort and got this far with the project before the ever earlier sunset:

A new stash busters hat
A new stash busters hat

Tomorrow I expect to finish this scrap buster hat, and await the next crochet adventure.

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  1. Great job on these hats!! I love the patterns. I’m going to make a couple myself. REALLY nice. Thanks

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