Time and tide wait for no man

and, as it happens, time and tide wait for no woman.

There are two things from my childhood that I really miss. One is the black licorice flavored ice cream that was served at Baskin Robbins, and the other are the long expanses of time that I thought of as boring.

Outside of the meetings I occasionally am required to attend, my life no longer affords me the luxury of the kind of boredom I experienced as a child where time seemed to slow down and last longer than expected. Modern life seems to have become a series of interruptions, distractions, and extraneous stimulus that cannot be avoided.

So, after a full half-hour of basking in the doneness of my go-go granny dress, I turned my attention to a soccer ball that is to be a Christmas gift.

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, the intended recipient is an 8-year-old Duke University Blue Devils fan, and this is reflected in the blue, black, and soft white yarn that is being used in the motifs.

With my trusty stash of Red Heart Super Saver yarn at hand, and my 3.75mm Etimo hook, I have been making the motifs necessary for the future soccer ball. Because the hook I am using this time is .25mm smaller, the finished object should be a little smaller and a bit sturdier than my first effort.

So today, after I had finished the housework that absolutely had to be done, I turned my attention to completing the twelve pentagons that will be needed for the soccer ball. To my delight, I finished them before sunset.

A dozen pentagons for a Duke Blue inspired soccer ball

Here is how the the hexagon motif that will be used looks with the pentagons:

One hexagon down, nineteen to go

Tomorrow will be a new day and, in between errands and music lessons, I will turn my attention to the nineteen African flower hexagon motifs needed to finish this project; just as time and tide wait for no woman, no woman waits for time and tide.

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