Three more squares

This week began with number of errands to be done and obligations to be met so my progress on the granny square bag-to-be has been decidedly modest, but it has been progress.

How modest? you ask.

Three is the number of squares I have completed over the past two days:

three granny squares
Three recently completed granny squares

Each color of each round after the first settled on after several other colors didn’t work out quite as expected, so as a practical matter, I would estimate that I crocheted ten squares worth to get the three that I have, and (since they will not be standing on their own) here are the three new squares with their ten previously completed compatriots:

thirteen granny squares
Thirteen granny squares

as well as this group photo with the two larger granny squares that will form (I hope) the visual anchor of either side of a very-soon-to-be finished granny square bag:

assorted granny squares
An overview of my granny square bag-to-be

which leaves me with three squares left to crochet.

No doubt these last three squares will take me more time that I have budgeted for them, but I will continue moving forward, one stitch at a time.

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