Thirty squares done, twenty-four to go

My second effort at making a granny square bag is going much more quickly than the first.

Part of it is that this time I have a clearer sense of what I am doing, and by organizing the colors around a pair of shoes I bought for spring, I have infinitely fewer decisions to make.

As a result, I finished the sixteen five-round squares in what feels like record time, despite the fact it was a very rainy weekend and there was no where near as much daylight as I had hoped to have.

Here are the sixteen squares laid out in a grid (of sorts):

sixteen granny squares
Sixteen squares for the second granny bag of the season

and here they are in one possible arrangement for the finished bag:

sixteen crochet squares
One possible arrangement for the sixteen squares

In addition to completing the sixteen five-round squares, I also got fourteen of the two-round squares done:

two-round granny squares
Fourteen of of the thirty-six squares needed for the straps and edging

I still need to tackle the two ten-round granny squares, and even with the limit of 10 colors, I am left to figure out which two of 3,628,800 possible permutations will be the exact right ones.

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