Thirty rounds done, six to go

Every change of color on a granny square has the potential to change the character and overall look of the finished piece, and this has become even more evident to me with my current front burner project, a granny square crochet baby blanket.

On Tuesday, I finished my crochet day with a round of a color called honeysuckle. The next morning when I moved onto the next round I went with a hot pink from Red Heart’s With Love line of yarn:

granny square crochet blanket
With Love hot pink

The addition of the hot pink picked up a similar, but not exactly the same, Craft Smart fuchsia used in previous rounds.

For the next round I went with Red Heart Super Saver’s flamingo:

granny square crochet blanket
Red Heart Super Saver flamingo

which caused the previous rounds of sea coral and flamingo to pop out a bit more, while the next round of cornmeal brought the yellows I had used in previous rounds to the fore:

granny square crochet blanket
Red Heart Super Saver cornmeal

Next, I branched out to paradise, a Red Heart Super Saver Accent color that is similar to (but a bit crisper than) Red Heart Super Saver jade:

granny square crochet blanket
Red Heart Super Saver Accent paradise

Then, after pulling out three greens from my stash (Caron United fresh green, and Red Heart Super Saver tea leaf and guava):

granny square crochet blanket
Deciding between greens

I settled on the guava as that gave the increasingly larger toddler blanket an overall more playful look:

granny square crochet blanket
I go with Red Heart Super Saver guava

At this point — the thirtieth round — I originally thought I would to go with a purple, but after looking over a possible color map for the last seven rounds of this project, I decided it was high time to crochet a round of Red Heart Super Saver shocking pink which is a festive color I had wanted to include into the square, and somehow, it had some how not fit into earlier rounds:

granny square crochet blanket
Red Heart Super Saver shocking pink

Now there are just six rounds of crochet and several dozen ends to weave in before I can call this blanket done, and while it took me a very long time to get started on it, despite the numerous color changes and decisions, the project has gone relatively quickly, and I can hardly wait to see what it looks like when it is done.

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