The salvage work continues

I had thought that my efforts to salvage Clooney’s pet mat would go more quickly than it has.

The time I had budgeted for refelting my test coaster turned out to be insufficient, but once it was done:

felted crochet table coaster
One side of the first completed table coaster
felted crochet table coaster
The other side of the first completed table coaster

my spirits were buoyed by the results, and I returned to the dining table to continue the salvage effort.

In due time, I had these three additional table leg coasters ready for felting:

three felted crochet table coasters
One side of three table coasters-to-be that are ready for felting
three felted crochet circles
The other side of those same three coasters

and I had made substantial progress on a fourth:

felted crochet furniture coasters
Both sides of a future felted table coaster

There is a certain satisfaction and romance to salvage work: reclaiming something that would otherwise be lost and fashioning value from that which seemed to have none.

But the work is neither easy nor quick, and so (it would seem), I have at least another day’s work ahead of me before I will have all of the table leg coasters I need for my dining table/crochet empire command center.

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