The saga of the unfelted fat bag

In the aftermath of finishing my state fair project, nothing is going quickly.

My first indication that today would not unfold as I had imagined was the sight that greeted me when I emerged dressed and ready to take my dog Clooney on a walk:

While I was able to (in short order) easily wind the ball of yarn back to it’s pre-romp state, it seemed to have set the tone for the day: I would have no genuine catastrophes or disasters, but nothing was going to come easy.

Having finished work on the body of fat bag, including having sewn the lining in, I had thought that the gathering and adding of the edges and straps would go quickly and smoothly, and shortly after lunch, I began the work of gathering the “shorter” edges of the bag.

The gathering itself was no problem, and I didn’t even make any errors, fatal or otherwise, when I crocheted the next 9 rows, but as I finished up the tenth row, I decided that before I went any further, I really needed to better understand just exactly what I was doing, and after looking more closely at the photos of the three bags that are serving as inspiration for mine, I realized, I had made a mistake I could not live with, and I had to frog the gathered edge.

After frogging, I began crocheting again, this time gathering the “longer” edges of the bag. I finished one, and then almost finished the other:

I gather the longer edges of the future unfelted fat bag

The project is not yet done, and it has not gone quickly.

I have made myriad missteps along the way, and I have had to frog and refrog to get the body of the bag as I wanted it to be (a square with the same number of stitches on each side); however, my decision to experiment on an unfelted version of the felted fat bag I wanted to make has turned out to be a good idea because the hurry-up mindset I had when I began the felted version of this project has followed me through every step of the unfelted version.

Maybe tomorrow, I will be able to move forward with more care and deliberation which will, I hope, lead to fewer errors, and maybe, just maybe, I will be able to declare the unfelted future fat bag done and use the knowledge gained to finish the felted version.

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One thought on “The saga of the unfelted fat bag

  1. Some days are like that, aren’t they? I get into that hurry-up mindset at times, projecting to the outcome, and it always shows – but I find it depends on how clear a picture I’ve got of the outcome. If I know exactly what I’m trying to do, I get mistakes. If it’s a bit hazy but I’m just going for it, I sometimes get unexpected happy accidents. A bit like Clooney? 😉 Bless!

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