The saga of “the big rug” continues

In August of 2009, I decided to make a rug for my living room to coordinate with this afghan I had made and for the 2008 North Carolina State Fair and which I intended to hang on the wall:

My entry for the 2008 North Carolina State Fair

I bought myriad skeins of Brown Sheep’s Lamb’s Pride bulky weight yarn, a wool and mohair blend that comes in an enormous number of colors and which I was convinced would wear well.

I started the rug with one idea in mind, and as I moved forward, I made mistakes, learned things along the way, and so far have changed my mind about exactly what form this rug would take on three occasions.

Today, I worked on what I am determined will be my fourth and final iteration.

Just before Christmas I had made these three squares using Lamb’s Pride yarn I had frogged from other incarnations of “the big rug”:

Three textured squares and the return of the "Big Rug"

Today I finished 6 additional squares

Nine colorful textured squares made with Lamb's Pride

and began joining them. First I joined the four center squares of each side to the square in the middle Here is a view of the back:

I begin joining the textured squares for the new incarnation of "the big rug"

and here is a view of the front:

The front side after joining four outer middle squares to the central square

Once those four squares were secured, I finished joining one of the corner squares along the two interior sides. Here is how that looked from the back:

I join one of the corner squares to the five previously joined squares

and here is how it looked from the front:

The front of "the big rug" to-be with six squares joined

I sincerely hope that this fourth iteration is the final one.

I would like to get this project done, because I could make better use of the space the frogged and refrogged yarn is taking up in my yarn empire, and I really could use a new living room rug.

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12 thoughts on “The saga of “the big rug” continues

  1. Gotta go with Kris’s comment.I have a ‘ghan that is fixing to get its second frogging.Even with that I am unsure where to go with it…Just know it ain’t working as it is. It’s just SOOOO Big!!!lol oh well gotta do what ya gotta do,Right???

  2. your comment…Can you tell me where to find the pattern for the textured squares? The rug is going to be awesome!

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