The return of the cat runner

My cat and I are not the best of friends.

Like most cats, she is not a people creature.

Stripes, the cat, giving me a good morning glare

Unlike most cat owners, I am not what one would call a cat person.

While she is officially my youngest son’s cat, I am the person in the household who provides for most of her needs. I buy her food, clean her litter box, and purchase toys for her which she can then ignore.

The cat does, however, have two redeeming traits:

She loves the things I crochet, and she doesn’t mess with my yarn.

I decided that to acknowledge her interest and two good traits, I would reward her and make a cat runner for the back of the sofa she most likes to perch on.

So although not officially on my list of projects to work on this January, I have pulled out the second section of my permutations cat runner because up until this afternoon, it was the perfect, go-to lap project.

At the beginning of January, it had practically none (if not exactly none) of it’s ends woven in.

The cat runner before today's trumpet lesson

Today, while I sat through my son’s trumpet lesson, I wove in ends. Here is the pile of ends that had accumulated by the end of the lesson:

A pile of yarn scraps accumulated during a trumpet lesson

Having made measurable and visible progress over the 45 minutes of the lesson, I was determined to finish weaving the ends on this quarter of the project before sunset, and because the days are longer, I was able to meet that goal.

The second quadrant of the cat runner with all of the ends woven in

And in honor of a cat I do like, I leave my reader with Henry Mancini’s “The Pink Panther Theme,” an excellent piece to listen to while weaving in ends.

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