The return of the “Big Rug”

Now that the-afghan-that-has-eluded-me is now a former UFO (unfinished object), my attention has once again turned to the myriad UFOs that populate the room that is the future headquarters of my crochet empire.

With so many to choose from it wasn’t an easy decision, but this is the one that caught my eye:

The Russian Tea Room
Textured crochet squares in a bag from The Russian Tea Room

It caught my eye in part because the colors of the bag are bright, even by my standards, and because if all of the pieces can be fit in a bag meant for leftovers, the rug hasn’t really achieved “Big” status yet, and I need to remedy that.

To get myself motivated, I laid out all the pieces to get a sense of where I am with this project:

textured crochet squares
Forty-two textured crochet squares

As it turns out, I am forty-two squares into a 221 square rug.

What this means is I have quite a way to go before it is done.

I guess I had better get busy.

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