The month of a million carols

This is how my youngest son describes December.

He is in a boychoir, and for him Christmas starts with choir camp in July where, as one graduate put it, they “pro-cess, pro-cess, pro-cess.” In between processions from one place to another at camp, they also do a lot of singing, and this is the month that many of the fruits of all that work are borne.

This means that December brings extra rehearsals in addition to the regularly scheduled ones, as well additional seasonal performances. Today, we hit a trifecta of rehearsal, performance, and snow.

In between bouts of driving to and from, dodging both other drivers and the weather, I did manage to get a start on my up/recycle project.

I tracked down my fabric scissors and, as directed, cut off the legs of the jeans.

The legs of one pair of jeans

Next, using my fabric scissors, I cut strips of approximately 1/2 inch leaving about a two-inch margin on one edge. (Note: by the time I was done I really wished I had been able to find my rotary cutter.)

The leg of the jeans cut into 1/2 inch strips

Then, following the example in this video,

I cut the remaining width and ended up with this pile/length of fabric.

Pile of denim yarn to be used in a future rug

Then, before it could get impossibly tangled, I rolled it into a ball.

A ball of denim yarn

I have yet to complete the steps of washing and drying the yarn which is supposed to transform this from a plain strip of fabric to one that is magical, but that part of this endeavor will have to wait until the month of a million carols (and the attendant driving obligations) has ended.

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