The mission continues

Today I found that I was a woman with two missions.

One was my large project for the 2012 North Carolina State Fair.

There is a motif in this project that has a complicated and colorful center square the heart of it that requires dropping a strand here, picking one up there — and if I don’t work on it daily, I find it is easy to forget the particulars, especially since I have yet to write coherent directions that accurately describe the process.

So one of my first orders of business was to finish the third of the 42 center squares I need for this motif:

multicolor crochet square motif
A third center crochet square for the multicolor motif of my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project

With that out done, I moved to the next order of business: making two orange and black beanies using Kim Dori’s “Spiky Beanie” pattern.

I had had fantasies of finishing them both today and getting them out in the afternoon mail, but reality intruded, and although I did not get either of them done, I did get myself past what has been for me the difficult part not only on the first hat, but the second hat as well:

two crochet hats for san francisco giants fans
A view from the top of two spiked crochet beanies for two San Francisco Giants fans

Then, at some point, I was reminded of an errand I had to attend to that was, like the hats, time sensitive. It was with reluctance that I set the hats aside, grabbed my purse, and headed out to run the errand.

I am hoping that tomorrow, I am able to finish the hats, weave in the ends, and pack them up and send them on there way, and I will once again be able to focus my energy on the state fair project until the next crochet emergency presents itself.

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