The devil is in the detail

And, it would seem, this particular project has a lot of detail.

There is the clock that has yet to have a face:

crochet clock crochet squares
The completed panel with clock

There are pieces to be joined (and decorated):

embroidered crochet crazy quilt piece
I try my hand at joining some of the crochet crazy quilt pieces

and more pieces to be crocheted (and joined and decorated):

crazy quilt crochet pieces
A test run of the crazy quilt pieces

There are fits to be checked (and double checked):

making crochet pieces fit
Checking the fit of crochet pieces

Borders to be crocheted around panels which will then need to be joined (somehow), and then a final framing that will go all the way around everything.

I have a long way to go before this project will be put to bed, a lot of mistakes to make that will teach me something either about myself, my grandmother, or my crochet, and I will have to face the truth that I can only ever move forward one stitch at a time.

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One thought on “The devil is in the detail

  1. Is there a pattern for the clock? I just think it’s a work of art with or without the face. I just can’t believe it. It’s so darn gorgeous!!!! I want to make one for myself. Thanks for listening.

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