The deep freeze continues

The past couple of days, winter has refused to loosen it’s grip on the place I call home, and tonight it will bear down with sub-freezing temperatures for one more day before relenting and giving us at least a few days break.

In the meantime, however, there are large sheets of ice (with a fresh dusting of snow) that coat many of the horizontal surfaces that we must traverse to get to where we need to go (sidewalks, driveways, roads):

snow topped ice
A dusting of snow on top of ice

So instead of going anywhere, I have pretty much stayed put and used the time to weave in the myriad ends that have been collecting on my various and sundry projects.

I started by weaving in the ends of everything within arms’ reach of me at my dining room table which serves as the nerve center of my crochet operations. Once I had finished with those, I then moved on to pieces in my purse that had collected over the days in the run-up to what has thus far been 2015’s “Great Freeze,” and by mid-afternoon, I had woven in ends on four crochet elephants:

crochet elephants
Four more crochet elephants to be

nine boho heart centers:

boho crochet heart centers
Nine boho crochet heart centers

and twenty-five crochet elephant ears:

crochet elephant ears
Twenty-five crochet elephant ears

Now the ends of all these pieces are woven in, I can move forward toward finishing them, one stitch at a time.

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