The case for a 3-day weekend

While I made excellent progress on the Weekend Granny Throw today, I did not manage to finish it.

Having said that, under the right circumstances, this is definitely a weekend project.

When I left my gentle reader, I had finished the first nine rows of the project:

The first nine rounds of the Weekend Granny Throw

When I picked up the project today and tried to match where I was with the project to the directions, I discovered that I had erred in making the 9th round with the tea leaf. The ninth round should have been a single round of buff rather than the third round of tea leaf, so before I could start the business of doing, I first needed to complete some undoing.

With ninth round done in tea leaf frogged (unraveled), I then proceeded and was more careful to double check what color I should be using and for how many rounds. By the time I had finished lunch, I had not only taken the one round out, but I had replaced it with the correct color and added three more rounds, bringing the total of rounds completed to an even dozen:

The first 12 rounds of the Weekend Granny Throw

The spectacular weather we had today was not just good for crocheting, it was good for drying laundry as well, so after a brief interruption to attend to some laundry chores, I once again began work on weekend throw, and in short order, I had completed four more rounds:

Sixteen of 31 rounds completed

By this time, I needed to consider what I would make for dinner, and after preparing some winter squash for baking, I returned to my outdoor office and finished three more rounds before I had to set my crochet aside:

The first nineteen rounds

Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be at least as spectacular as today’s, and with no errands pressing to be done (and at least one load of laundry out of the way), I am hoping that I finish this project, and can give you my insights on how you can get this project done in just one weekend.

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7 thoughts on “The case for a 3-day weekend

  1. I saw this pattern in my email a day or two ago and printed it out to work on, too! But…haven’t started it yet. It’s one of those future WIPs as I continue to FO the current ones. LOL

  2. With uninterrupted time, it looks like it really would be doable in a weekend. Gotta love patterns like that!

    Now to just find those weekends with uninterrupted time…

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