The adventure in vanilla continues

If I chose all of my projects, I probably not be working on my current project; it would seem that sometimes a project chooses us.

Such is the case for me with the off-white textured afghan that I started on yesterday, although to say that I started on it yesterday is not entirely accurate.

My first foray into this project was many years ago when I was unable to completely decipher the directions or the design, but coming to the project a decade later, I have now developed the skills to read the directions and understand the underlying principles of the project’s design.

Built on this central motif:

The foundation motif of Maggy Ramsay's Textured Squares Afghan

Maggy Ramsay’s design is essentially four small squares joined and then edged to create a medium square.

Here is my first medium square which I completed this morning, next to four additional small squares I made for what will form the core of what will be the second medium square:

One newly minted medium square next to four small squares

Here I have joined the four small squares into two strips:

One newly minted medium square next to four small squares joined into two strips

and here, I have joined the two strips into one square which is now ready to be edged and made into yet another medium square:

One newly minted medium square next to four small squares joined into a square that will be edged to make another medium square

Once I complete four medium squares, those square will then be joined and edged to form a large square.

I will keep making small squares to form medium squares to form large squares until I have four large squares.

Finally, the four large squares will be assembled and then edged to form the completed afghan.

There are still quiet a few stitches between now and the end of this project, but I am looking forward to all that I will learn along the way.

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6 thoughts on “The adventure in vanilla continues

  1. Love the texture – pondering how this piece with it’s lack of color holds you to completion?! Envisioning it as if you had designed it for the state fair and your splash of color against color!!!

  2. I love the monochromatic design which will really show off the texture of the piece. This will be beautiful (especially in my living room – LOL!)

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