Ten thirteenths

Summer is really over.

Today, the last vestige of what I think of as summer was erased.

At two o’clock this morning the hour that was taken from me while I slumbered last March was finally returned, so when I woke shortly after seven today, I felt more refreshed than usual.

I don’t know why, but I miss that hour the whole time it is gone.

Despite the fact that the stolen hour is why I am able to spend the late spring and earlier summer working well past seven in the evening while I wait for just the right time to get photos of my work near sunset, the days, as long and wonderful as they are, don’t feel quite right.

But in addition to the missing hour being returned, there was also a definite chill in the air. With so many WIPs (Works In Progress) to choose from, the weather impelled me to work on the cookie scarf. With shorter days and cooler weather scarf season is upon us.

I had already finished the chocolate chip and frosted oatmeal cookies that had been in medias res, so I turned my attention to some of the other cookies, like this caramel frosted chocolate cookie:

Chocolate caramel crochet cookie
Chocolate caramel crochet cookie

this peppermint swirl:

Peppermint swirl crochet cookie
Peppermint swirl crochet cookie

this peanut butter blossom:

Peanut butter blossom crochet cookie
Peanut butter blossom crochet cookie

and the ever changing lemon shortbread cookie inspired by the Girl Scout Lemonades™:

Lemonades inspired crochet cookie
Lemonades inspired crochet cookie

This particular version is my favorite so far even though it has six segments rather than the 8 that are on the actual Lemonades™ cookies.

With so many cookies done, I decided to take group photos. The first being more serious:

crochet cookies for a crochet scarf
Ten of 13 crochet cookies for a cookie scarf

and the second capturing the cookies as they played in the leaves:

crochet cookies for a crochet scarf
Cookies playing in the leaves and waiting to become a scarf

Time is, it seems, racing by and at this moment, my goal is to get this scarf done so that it can be worn for most of this upcoming winter, and as always, I move forward one stitch at a time.

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  1. I love your description of daylight-savings time. Your use of words is inspiring.

    Also, your cookies look delicious! What a delightful scarf idea.

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