Because dodecahedrons

In late 2010, I bought myself what I considered the best calendar ever.

I had purchased it in anticipation of the new year. Made by Moleskine, it was comprised of twelve small notebooks — each in a different color for each month of the year — and a case in which to keep them.

Instead of having to carry an entire year’s schedule on my person, I simply slipped the relevant months into my bag, and I was on my way.

Not only did I love the calendar and use all twelve months, it inspired me to make a coordinating dodecahedron, both of which are seen here:

crochet dodecahedron
Crochet dodecahedron with Moleskine calendar

and it was that dodecahedron that came to mind as I finished work on the flamingo inspired soccer ball.

When I had finished work on the soccer ball, I wondered to myself “What would a felted version of this project look like?”

Not wanting to commit to an entire crochet soccer ball’s worth of effort when I had no clue how or if the project would work out, I decided to see how my idea would work with a dodecahedron, a platonic solid composed of twelve pentagons.

This morning, having finished work on my first pentagon:

wool crochet flower pentagon
My first finished pentagon with some tarting up

and crocheted ten more pentagons (all of which still needed some decoration):

crochet pentagons
Ten pentagons in need of tarting up

I got to work on the twelfth and final pentagon:

start of a crochet pentagon
I start work on the twelfth pentagon

In fairly short order, I had the final pentagon crocheted, but then I found myself having to decide which color to use where in my efforts to tart up the eleven as-yet-to-be adorned pentagons.

While overall my efforts went smoothly, there were times that I tried something that I was certain would work, only to find that I needed to pull out the stitching and change the colors around.

Eventually, however, despite the vagaries of the interaction of cold, I had all twelve pentagons done:

twelve completed crochet flower pentagons
Twelve wool pentagons ready for adventure

All that was left to do was to figure out how I would arrange them in relation to each other.

As the sun prepared to set on the now increasingly shorter days, I had one option that I thought just might work:

crochet pentagons for a dodecahedron
A future felted crochet dodecahedron

As I begin to join the pieces, there is every possibility that I will change my mind about the suitability of this layout, but I will continue to move forward (and back — when necessary) one stitch at a time.