Sweet Cream

My youngest son finished the second week of his second semester of high school this afternoon, and we marked the occasion with a trip to the Goodberry’s frozen custard stand near our home.

We had been monitoring the flavor-of-the-day calender, and today’s flavor was Sweet Cream, one of our favorites.

With that flavor of the day in mind, it seemed fitting that after yesterday’s phantasm of color, I found myself working on the textured squares afghan, which, like today’s flavor, is an unobtrusive shade of white.

I last worked on this project eight days ago, and at the time I was 12 small textured squares shy of what I needed to finish the project. That day I eked out one square, and today I made seven more to go with the lone square I had finished just over a week ago:

Eight of the last twelve small textured squares I need for my textured squares afghan

Curious to see how the final project might look I laid out all of the pieces I had. As I had late afternoon errands to run, the light was not exactly optimal, but the photo did yield an interesting overview of the project.

The textured squares afghan begins to take shape

The small textured square that forms the backbone of this afghan is proving to be a very interesting motif with numerous potential applications.

With the density and texture of the motif, it is ideal for coasters, trivets or potholders. It might even make an interesting (in a very utilitarian sort of way) tawashi or face scubber.

Tomorrow, I will probably find my way back to some colors, but in the meantime, working in the crochet equivalent of sweet cream was a delight.

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5 thoughts on “Sweet Cream

  1. Those cream squares look fab! Do you have the pattern or can you direct me to where on the web it might be? (The frozen custard sounds delicious … bit chilly here right now for frozen foods tho!)

  2. Once you have this all assembled, what will be your next step as far as finishing? I can’t recall if it’s an acrylic, but if so, will you block? Wash? If you do block a piece this size, how would you go about doing that? I’m on pins and needles to see this finished and also find out more about your finishing secrets.

  3. I ‘m with Maddy . i also would like to know all of the above….Give us your secrets Oh Great CrochetBug!!! LOL

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