Surf, sun, and crochet

The beach is a totally inefficient but wonderful place to craft.

So today I set out with my favorite beach hat,

My favorite beach hat

my favorite beach blanket,

My favorite blanket for the beach

and some SPF 9000 sunscreen (I’m exaggerating a little bit) and headed to the beach.

There was a lot of wind, so it was necessary to strategically place items on the corners of the blanket to keep it securely anchored to the sand, but once my seaside crochet studio set up, I was ready to go.

Normally sand, water, and wind are three elements one tries to avoid when working on a crochet project, but since this project will be felted I got out my 8.0 mm hook and crocheted until I was done with the first skein of yarn:

I continue making progress on my most recent stash bag

The sand will either be shaken out or made a permanent part of the bag when felted; either way, I have a lovely crafting memory.

Later in the day, after I had gotten most of the sand off of myself and the projects I had insisted on taking to the beach, I got out my magic Clover bent-tipped needle and wove in ends on both of these completed squares:

Two more squares for the
Quadrant Blanket times three

and the center of three squares yet to be completed:

The central part of three more granny squares for my Quadrant Blanket times three

Today was the sort of crochet day where I made a lot of mistakes. There were several times when it felt as though I would get two rounds done and then have to pull at least one round out before I could move forward.

But days like this come no matter what, and it was nice to spend this one at the shore.

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4 thoughts on “Surf, sun, and crochet

  1. We can’t wait to get to the beach again. The closest one is 6 hours away and we are hoping to go for a long holiday in December.

  2. What a great beach day. We are headed out for our first trip next week. I plan on leaving the crochet hooks at home. I never get the sand out.

    Visiting you from the Crochetville blog thread.

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