Super Bowl Sunday 2012

I had wondered if crochet would be featured in any of the ads for Super Bowl XLVI, and I was not disappointed.

The good people at Frito-Lay came through for me with this memorable ad:

I already love Doritos, so it was not as though I needed to be sold on the product, but I was taken by the inter-generational casting of the ad (elderly adult, child, and infant), as well as the vest worn by the woman who seems to occupy the role of grandparent. It is a classic piece, not unlike the vests worn by my crochet mentor, Edith Proctor.

As for my crochet day, it was almost exactly the same as yesterday.

First I worked on the textured squares afghan and joined the remaining small textured squares into the groups of four that form the central piece of the medium textured squares. Here is how all of the pieces I have made so far looked when they were assembled for a group photo:

I make progress with the textured squares afghan

Once I had those squares pieced together, I used the remaining daylight to finish work on the body of the über-poncho. To my surprise and delight, I finished crocheting the body of the poncho. Here is one side:

One side of the body of the nearly completed über-poncho

and here is the other:

The other side of the body of the nearly completed über-poncho

Despite having finished almost all of the crochet (I still need to make a drawstring with flowers at either end), there is still quite a bit of work to be done weaving in the ends. Here is a view of one side of the interior of the poncho:

Ends to be woven in on one side of the poncho

and here is a view of the other side of the interior of the poncho:

Ends to be woven in on the other side of the poncho

Clearly, there is a bit of work yet to be done, but I hope to have the ends woven in by Friday morning so that I can soak the completed poncho in a bath of water and vinegar and do a final blocking of the piece, and while I don’t have an awesome vest like the one worn by the woman in the Dortos ad, my über-poncho will be finished before the week is out, and I will be ready for both International Poncho Day 20122 and Super Bowl XLVII.

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