Stuck in the middle

I am, as of this writing, working on completing three separate crochet projects: a (belated) birthday rug, a cat runner for the back of my sofa, and a go-go dress made from granny squares.

I started the day with an N hook in hand, a cup of coffee (cream only) at my side, and the pieces of the belated birthday rug spread out on my breakfast/crochet bar. After finishing the needed slip stitches on the outer edge of two of the circles, I began to attach the three remaining circles.

I joined the first two circles without any problem, but the last circle that needed to be joined seemed to have a bit of a gap. I decided to ignore it for the time being and attempt the join. Here is what I ended up with:

The belated birthday rug with all ten circles joined and the ends woven in

Empowered by the fact that the pieces had fit together after all, in a burst of creative efficiency, I got out my bent-tipped yarn needle and weaved in all of the wayward ends before setting the rug aside and working on the next project.

The next project I worked on today was my Babette inspired permutation cat runner to be. I started by taking an inventory of the pieces that I have already made to see what was missing. I started with the squares where I used the same color for the first and second round, and then used a different color for the third (and, as it happens, final) round. Here is what I had shortly after lunch:

I take inventory of squares for my permutation cat runner

After making some notes about what squares were missing, I got out my 4.25mm Boye hook and made a few more squares. By late afternoon, here is what I had gotten done:

I begin to fill in the blanks

Having made measurable progress on two of the projects, I took a moment to lay out the squares I had completed for the go-go granny dress I am working on so I could get a sense of what colors I need to include more of, and where.

The front of my Go-go granny dress to be

What I learned today is that for me, the middle is the hardest part of any project, and maybe that explains why I have so many projects that are, as yet, unfinished.

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