Strings N Things

Last Thursday at this time, I was finishing up last minute chores in an effort to get ready to go to Fletcher, North Carolina, to attend the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair. One of my planned stops along the way was a yarn shop in Valdese, North Carolina that I had heard rumor of.

As it happened, the rumor was true, and if you are in search of an unexpected fiber adventure, then the next time you find yourself on I-40 near Valdese, North Carolina, you will find it is definitely worth your time to exit the freeway and visit 459 Main Street.

String N Things is a business in transition with an outlet store located in the former home of HollyBee Yarns. When I first entered the store, I was greeted by this array of yarn:

crochetbug, crochet, crocheted, crocheting, felted crochet, yarn, yarn stash
Selection of a wool and poly blend yarn that felts

Tempted by a green wool, I finally settled on something entirely different:

crochetbug, boucle yarn, crochet, crocheted, crocheting, yarn stash, local yarn store
A delightful wool and poly boucle

The next room offered even more choices:

crochetbug, crochet, crocheted, crocheting, felted crochet, yarn, yarn stash
One wall of color

crochetbug, crochet, crocheted, crocheting, felted crochet, yarn, yarn stash
Two more walls of color

It was in this room that I found a bulky weight acrylic yarn called “Mardi Gras,” that I purchased for the purpose of making a rug for my oldest son. Composed of four strands (each a different color) that are then twisted together, the yarn has a magical effect when crocheted in a simple single crochet:

crochetbug, crochet circles, single crochet, crochet rug, crochet throw rug
Crocheting in the round with a single crochet stitch

The third room offered even more temptations:

crochetbug, crochet, crocheted, crocheting, felted crochet, yarn, yarn stash
Yet another wall of color

There was a lot to look over, and had I not wanted to get to Fletcher before dark, I would have lingered much longer. As it was, I had to quickly decide what purchases to make, and before I left, I was able to add this organic cotton, displayed on a shelf conveniently located next to the cash register, to my purchases:

crochetbug, crochet, crocheted, crocheting, organic yarn, yarn stash
Organic cotton yarn I did not resist

I found my experience at 459 Main Street in Valdese, North Carolina utterly enchanting.

One of the main goals of this outlet is to provide crocheters, knitters and weavers with reasonably priced fiber with a wide variety of colors that has been produced in the United States. Additionally discounts are offered to people who are knitting or crocheting for charity.

So, if you find yourself in the neighborhood, definitely drop in and take a look, but if you are not headed to Valdese anytime soon, you can call the store at 828-874-0107 to place your order, and it will be shipped to your door.

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