Stitch markers are your friends

Yesterday, Beryl finally came through my neck of the woods, and while the rain was not as intense as I had expected, it was enough to leave my basil well-watered. With clear skies and somewhat less muggy weather, I ran a number of errands today, one of which took me near my neighborhood LYS (Local Yarn Shop), Yarn Tree Studio.

Yarn Tree Studio is what is known as a “crochet-friendly” yarn store, and since the owner of the store welcomes fiber enthusiasts of all stripes (offering a large assortment of classes which includes crochet), I try to stop in whenever I am in the neighborhood, and today when I stopped in, I had a specific goal in mind: purchasing more stitch markers.

Of late, I have been working on an old-fashioned crochet throw rug made from ribbons fashioned from saris that are ready to be repurposed, and I have found stitch markers an invaluable aid in helping me to keep track of just exactly where the corners are. Here is an overview:

Two corners of the old-fashioned throw rug being made from sari ribbon

and here is a detail:

Detail of the corner of the old-fashioned throw

Delighted at the amount of aggravation I have been spared as the result of actually using the stitch markers I own, I added to my stitch marker collection with these coilless safety pins:

Coilless saftey pins/stitch markers

which I thought would be perfect for helping me to keep track of the stitches for an as-yet-unnamed purse, the idea for which came to me the other day while I was working on the rug. Here is a side view of the as-yet-unnamed purse:

Side view of the as-yet-unnamed purse

and here is an interior view:

Interior view of the as-yet-unnamed purse

There is still some work to be done on this, but I am hoping against hope that I manage to get it done before lunch tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Stitch markers are your friends

  1. yes, stitch markers are invaluable! Sometimes I even use large paper clips!

    I also use stitch markers when I’m told to make a LARGE number of the same stitch. If I put in a stitch marker every so many stitches, it keeps my rows evenly counted, and no re-counting with every row!

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