Still vanilla

For reasons I don’t yet understand, I have felt compelled to make the textured afghan project from Maggy Ramsay’s Magic Motif Crochet collection.

I started the project almost accidentally.

I had been looking over my crochet books in search of my copy of Jean Leinhauser’s 101 Crochet Squares when I got waylaid by an entirely different crochet tome, and like a lingering cold, I have been unable to shake it.

Today, I could easily have turned my attention to a more colorful project. This one is on a counter clamoring for my attention and begging to be finished:

A view from the top of the formerly yellow carpetbag

Instead, I (and my 4.5mm Etimo hook) have been drawn to Maggy Ramsay’s textured squares afghan, and today I finished the second of sixteen medium squares needed to move forward on the project:

Two of the 16 medium squares needed for the completed textured squares afghan

I also completed four more of the small squares which are the foundation of the medium square:

Two completed medium squares and the four small squares needed to make a third medium square

I have to admit I am finding this project more captivating than I had thought it would be.

The directions, which are spare in detail, have been more guide than instruction and do not include the level of specificity that is common today.

I have made notes along the way that include stitch counts for each round and other details that bring me comfort and help create the illusion that what I am doing has predictable results that can be repeated.

But crochet, like life, is filled with uncertainty, and it is really only the ritual of the stitch that can be replicated.

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