State Fair season

While some people pine for the traditional four seasons of winter, spring, summer, and fall — for me, the year is divided into just two: State Fair season and the rest of the year.

The official start of the State Fair season is August 1. That is the date by which I am supposed to have settled on a design, purchased all materials I need, and be ready to move forward with the actual making of the project.

The first year I entered the state fair I had not plans to do so. It was 2004, I lived in Wilson County, and I had entered this afghan in the Wilson County Fair:

My 2004 North Carolina State fair project

“The Sistine Afghan” as my mother called it because it was so much work, won a blue ribbon and best of show at the county fair. Buoyed by my success there, I entered it in the state fair competition where it won a second blue ribbon.

Because of various constraints, I did not enter the 2005 state fair competition, but by 2006, I was itching to try again, and this was the result of that effort:

My 2006 State Fair afghan

Like the Sistine Afghan before it, this piece which came to be called the 12-day afghan (you can read how this afghan got it’s name here) also won a blue ribbon in it’s category:

From 2007 to 2010, I experienced a bit of a dry spell. My 2009 entry which has come to be called the pixelghan did not get any mention at all:

2009 North Carolina State Fair project

and the same was true of my 2010 entry which is based on a fractal known as the Hilbert Curve:

2010 North Carlina State Fair Project

Then last year, I once again achieved some measure of recognition with an honorable mention for this effort:

2011 North Carolina State Fair Project

I don’t know exactly how I will execute this year’s project, but I am beginning the work of designing the elements to be crocheted and gathering the materials I will use in the effort, and come August 1, I will be ready for the opening day of yet another state fair season.

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8 thoughts on “State Fair season

  1. These afghans are absolutely fantastic – I love them. I don’t know why your 2009 & 2010 ones didn’t earn mention – they are stunning! They are all stunning! Are they all crochet? So inspirational. Thank you for sharing these. Going to have a trawl through your blog for more details of their making. E x

  2. Wooo thank you, thank you, thank you! Many months ago I came across your work on Flickr and fell in love with your 2006 orgasmic fantastic afghan. Then I lost the link . . . Love how you interpret the topic around the fairs. such beautiful work. Cheers!

  3. Wow. WOW! Those afghans are so amazing. That pixelated one especially is amazing – I can’t believe that it didn’t win!!!

  4. Ditto. AMAZING work! I used to enter quilts in state fairs, so I understand the lure so well. Now I’m focussing on actual quilt shows, and I can never seem to get done on time! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

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