Stash down 2015: It’s complicated

With so many unfinished objects to choose from, it can be hard to stay focused on just one (which is how I ended up with such an amazing assortment of things to be finished in the first place).

But despite the fact temptation lurks in every corner of my house, I’ve managed to keep my attention on the cookie inspired baby blanket all eight days of the current month and have finished writing directions for five of the eight cookie designs — the cookie bar graph of my progress as of late this afternoon can be seen here:

crochet cookie bar graph
The cookie bar graph as of late afternoon, November 8, 2015

One of the challenges has been to find the yarns that I know are here in my house (I finally did corral them all into my office).

The other challenge has been writing the pattern. Five of the designs are straight forward and fit well within what has become the standard paradigm of written crochet directions, but the jam-centered cookie (of which I have yet to make even one), the chocolate chip cookie, and the lemon shortbread (which I am FINALLY done fussing with) have small details that require explanations that are non-standard or time consuming in some way, and my efforts to make those elements of pattern as clear as possible sometimes fall short.

When I need a break from the rigors of crochet pattern writing or the fussiness of some elements of the cookies, I grab my hook and make some of the plain squares that are part of the design:

ten crochet squares
Ten cookie sheet gray squares for a cookie baby blanket

I know that November is going to go by way-too-fast, but I will enjoy each day moving forward one stitch at a time.

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