Stash down 2014: Cloudy with a chance of rain

Friday I was filled with exuberance at having completed most of the design for the Rainbow Bridge Comfort Shawl.

The body of the shawl worked up quickly and smoothly, I only had to make the sun twice before getting a result that was satisfactory, and I got the rainbow on the first try.

So suffice it to say, I did not expect my Friday to be “the day that crochet clouds ate,” but at least by the end of the day I had two workable clouds and had learned a lot.

Then, while everything was fresh in my mind (particularly the clouds I had struggled with), I started the work of writing a pattern.

I have to admit, I find pattern writing a bit tedious, but without it I cannot fully share my work — so word by word, abbreviation by abbreviation, and autocorrect override by autocorrect override, I wrote directions for one piece and then another and then another. Eventually, I got most of the pattern written, and was able to set my computer aside and once again turn my attention to the shawl itself.

Here is how all of the pieces looked today before I started to appliqué them onto the body the shawl:

crochet pieces to applique
All of the pieces of the rainbow bridge comfort shawl ready to be assembled

and here is how it looked in the late afternoon when the clouds that had been threatening rain all day decided to make good on their threat:

comfort crochet shawl
A nearly completed rainbow bridge comfort crochet shawl

Tomorrow’s weather promises more of the same which means it just might be perfect weather for staying inside and finishing this shawl.

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