Stash bag 16: homage to Krispy Kreme

As some of my readers know, I don’t particularly like to run errands.

The only thing I like less than running a bunch of errands is to run just one, so I do my best to group errands together so that the effort and energy required to escape the vortex of my home is not squandered going out to do just one thing.

Some errands can be put off, and some errands can’t. Since my youngest son took up the study of the trumpet, I have learned what every trumpet parent knows: you need to have a reliable music store to handle all of your trumpet emergencies, and Marsh Woodwinds is where I take my son whenever he has a trumpet need to be met.

When these trumpet emergencies present themselves and we have made the journey to the center of town, it seems a waste not to do something else while we are there, and invariably, the something else we do is stop at the Krispy Kreme, conveniently located just one-tenth of a mile from the music store. It was as a result of one of our trips to Marsh Woodwinds that I fell in love with (and bought) this coffee cup:

My favorite coffee cup

This past week, in my continued effort to organize my crochet empire/guest room, I decided to make a stash bag inspired by the decorative and design elements of this cup.

I started by making the bottom of the bag with Red Heart Super Saver paddy green:

Stash bag 16

As I worked my way up the sides of the bag, I used Red Heart Super Saver aran and some green pony beads to replicate the design elements at the bottom of the cup.

After a row of single crochet with the paddy green, I then switched back to the aran and used Red Heart Super Saver lemon for the last two rounds of single crochet and slip stitches and added handles that matched the body of the bag:

My Krispy Kreme stash bag without yarn

With a new empty stash bag at my disposal I did what any sensible person would do and filled it with yarn:

My Krispy Kreme stash bag with stash

I still need a few more stash bags (at least) to better organize my stash, and I continue to work toward the goal of an organized crochet empire, one stitch at a time.

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