Soita Mummolle

On July, 6, I wrote a blog about Soita Mummolle, or “mind the seniors,” a campaign, the purpose of which, is to encourage people to be mindful of the loneliness of many seniors and to take an action of some kind to alleviate it. The organizer of the event selected August 11, 2010 as the inaugural Soita Mummolle day.

If you go to google translate and type in “Soita Mummolle” and then set it to translate from Finnish to English, the translation that comes up is “Call for grandma.”

While I have no grandparents to call, I did call my mom and commemorated the day by making these four hearts using Red Heart Super Saver yarn, and H hook, and this pattern from Bella Dia:

Four crochet hearts
Four crochet hearts

to join the many lovely hearts featured at the Soita Mummolle page.

Hearts for Soita Mummolle

There are still a few hours left to August 11, 2010, so if there is an elderly person in your life who would like to hear from you, why don’t you pick up the phone and give them a call?

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