The second crochet scrap cat takes shape

While the second crochet scrap cat is coming along slowly, it is coming along.

Part of what makes my scrap cats so slow to crochet is that unlike the original, the change of color is not regular and easy to see.

Instead it is a riotously messy amalgamation of varying lengths of yarn tied end to end. The colors change precipitously and without warning, so you can’t tell with just a quick glance, where you are, but instead must count carefully, looking behind the “fur” created by forward facing yarn scrap ends.

But despite these challenges, I persisted, and while my pace was not quick, eventually the body of the cat was done:

scrap yarn crochet cat
The main body of a second scrap yarn crochet cat

But the cat was still in need of two ears, a face, and a tail, so I continued as long as I was able to before the next thing came along, and this wa the result:

crochet ear crochet tail
One ear and a tail for the second scrap yarn crochet cat

And here is how it looked with all of the pieces that I have gotten made:

scrap yarn crochet cat
The second scrap yarn crochet cat with one ear and a tail

In looking over my handiwork, I noticed that the back of this second scrap cat had what can best be described as a bare spot where longer yarn scraps had “pooled”:

scrap yarn crochet cat bald patch
A bald patch on the back of scrap cat

Here is a closer shot:

scrap yarn crochet cat bald patch
Detail of scrap cat’s bald patch

At this point, I am undecided about what to do.

I could use some of my munificent scrap yarn collection to fill in this spot, or I could embrace the vagaries of crocheting with scrap yarn and not try to “fix” or mask it.

I haven’t yet decided which if any course of action I will follow, but I will trust the universal force of crochet to lead me where I need to go.

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