Rhapsody in off-white

This past week when other things have not had a claim on my attention, I have worked diligently to finish the textured squares afghan I began in mid-December.

When I last wrote about this project, it was Super Bowl Sunday. I had finished joining 32 small textured squares into the eight two-by-two arrays that form the center of the medium squares. One of the squares had the six rounds that form the border done, but the seven others awaited completion.

Here is a view of those medium squares before the border around the central square was completed next to the four large squares that were already joined:

I make progress with the textured squares afghan

Here are the same eight medium squares after all of the borders were completed next to the four large squares that had already been joined:

I finally finish the last eight medium squares

With all of the remaining medium squares finished, I then arranged them into two two-by-two arrays that formed the large textured squares:

The eight medium squares arranged into two two-by-two arraysThe eight medium squares arranged into two two-by-two arrays

and with the right sides together, I worked a single crochet stitch through both loops of both squares being joined:

Eight medium squares joined into two large squares

Using the same joining method just described, I then joined the two new large squares to each other, and then to the four squares already completed:

The nearly completed textured squares afghan

I then added an additional six rounds to border the project. Here is how the front looks:

The front of the completed textured squares afghan

here is a detail of the front:

A detail of the front of the completed textured squares afghan

and here is the back:

The back of the completed textured squares afghan

I never know where a crochet adventure is going to lead me, and while I have completed this afghan, the adventure itself is never ending.

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11 thoughts on “Rhapsody in off-white

  1. For all of it’s lack of color and it’s sameness of design it has an overwhelming amount of movement that One is immediately able to feel it even via this digital medium! Bravissima!!!!

  2. WOW!!!I cant find all the words for stunning!!My heart feels as if I have gone on a journey with you. I am so proud you. know that sounds silly but your stick to it-ness, is inpirationel.(very early can’t spell) Thank You so much for sharing..Tusc. Ala. gives you an A plus 🙂 lol

  3. First, I must thank you for sharing the journey of this afghan with us. What a treat to see it go from inception to completion with all the bumps in the road along the way. Next, I have to say, that yours is the first blog I have ever followed. Before I began reading *crochetbug* I could not, did not understand why I would want to blog, much less read someone else’s ramblings. But after just a couple of days I was hooked. I now am so inspired that I am ready to start my own journey of blogging. Beginning Monday (I hope) I will be on blogger under the name Starry Knits. I really do hope you find a minute to come and check it out and give me critique.

  4. Gorgeous, Beautiful, Amazing! Love how the texture of it just pops at you. I can imagine easily how it feels just looking at the pictures.

  5. I’m glad you saw the project through to the end, even though it wasn’t your usual color scheme, etc. It was an inspiration, and definitely encourages me to step out of my crochet comfort zone. The final blanket is stunning!

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