The return of the crochet Road Trip Scarf

Yesterday, my maternal grandmother once again hijacked my day.

Last week, she channeled me for vacuuming; yesterday, she used me to clean the refrigerator — at least she cleaned the interior shelves and bins — I put my foot down when she wanted to clean the shelves in the door — I did, after all, have other things that needed doing.

But when she finally loosened her psychic grip, I found myself wondering which partially completed project I should work on.

After giving it far more thought than was useful, I finally decided to work on the Road Trip Scarf I had started with the Premier Yarns Peaches and Cream Pop “Sweet Roll.”

I had finished work on the scarf itself, but was not done with the decorative elements, so today, I crocheted two more six-petal flowers, wove in the center ends on all of them, and then sorted through a ginormous bin of buttons to find eight buttons that would serve as suitable centers for the flower I had crocheted.

I then pulled out my lunch box of sewing supplies:

Dot the crochet cat gets into my mail
Dot the crochet cat gets into my mail

and working from the assortment of threads and needles it now contains, I sewed the buttons to the crochet flowers, and in relatively short order, I had them all done:

Eight six-petal crochet flowers
Eight six-petal crochet flowers

Then, to get an idea of how the pieces looked altogether, I laid them out in the late afternoon light of what had become a rainy day:

A nearly completed crochet road trip scarf
A nearly completed crochet road trip scarf

There is still a bit more tricking out to do before this project is ta-done, but with just half an afternoon’s effort, I should be able to complete the finishing touches and have it ready to wear.

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