Rally the Squirrel comes to life

Today, after a morning spent on household chores, and an early afternoon devoted to some much needed shopping, I finally got to sit down at the table that is my outdoor office and survey the deciduous forest while I worked on bringing Rally the Squirrel to life.

After last night’s tear-jerker (at least for Cardinals fans), I wanted a hand (or paw) to hold before the next game.

Using the squirrel parts that I made yesterday:

The body of my amigurumi squirrel-to-be with ears, a nose, arms, feet, and a tail

I attached the pieces, added features, and then gave Rally shaggy gray fur to keep him warm and help him better blend in with the squirrels in the yard.

By late afternoon, Rally was frolicking in the leaves and gathering acorns:

Rally the Squirrel gathers some acorns to get him through the off-season

After a productive afternoon gathering enough snacks to sustain him through the 2011 World Series and the subsequent off-season, Rally insisted on trying to meet some fellow squirrels.

Rally hanging out on the deck in hopes of meeting fellow squirrels with whom to socialize

After the 2011 World Series is over, I am going to pack Rally up with 24 amigurumi compatriots and send him to the Pediatric Infusion Center of the UC Davis Health System in Sacramento, California, where he can continue to help make a difference.

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6 thoughts on “Rally the Squirrel comes to life

  1. Leslie, Rally is adorable! But I have to tell you, my dog (Tex) chases squirrels to their death. I don’t think he would even have mercy for the cute crocheted Rally. We have tons of squirrels living over our head in the attic and one came in through the front door! He got chased all over until he got into the refridgerator in the back and refused to come out. Poor thing died on it’s way out by maintenance. 🙁 But love YOUR spuirrel, Rally!

    P.S. Tell him to stay away from refridgerators.

  2. If you decide to share this pattern, Leslie, I’d love to have it!!! Rally would help our fundraising effort at the Rescue Center! (you’re welcome to email me privately about it)

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