Project Linus Make-a-Blanket Day

With Superbowl XLV now a part of sports history, it is time, once again, to turn our attention to the other big February event: Project Linus’s Make-a-Blanket Day

Project Linus is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that has as it’s mission the goal to “provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans.”

To help fulfill that mission, each year Project Linus chapters across the United States host a Make-a-Blanket-Day (also known as MABD). For the most part, MABD happens on the third Saturday in February, but the date does vary from chapter to chapter. I will be parcipating in my chapter’s Make-a-Blanket-Day which will be take place on the fourth Saturday of the month, February 26.

I enjoy Project Linus and Make-a-Blanket Day because it is an opportunity to meet amazing people who are making amazing things. Without question, I always learn something or meet someone I am glad to be able to add to my life.

It occurred to me that this year, in addition to participating as I usually do by helping to finish blankets made with donated squares, I could sort through my many unfinished projects and choose one that would be suitable for Project Linus.

To that end, I dug up from the recesses of that part of my house known as the yarn annex, this unfinished blanket:

My very orange blanket-to-be

In addition of these squares which are, for the most part joined, I also have a pile of as yet unjoined squares. Here is a photo of four representative squares:

Four orange squares

My goal is to finish joining the squares together, add a border, and appliqué some additional decorative elements that I think will give the blanket some pizazz that will be just the thing for a child in need.

If you want to find a chapter near you to find out how you can participate, just click on this link.

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2 thoughts on “Project Linus Make-a-Blanket Day

  1. This is a fabulous Charity and I love participating here in Az. I’ve already found my group for up north once I move states this summer. I highly recommend Project Linus!!!


    1. I always meet the neatest people when I participate in an event. It really seems to bring out the best in a person.

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