Poncho power

One woman’s “fug” is another woman’s object d’art.

Sometime in late December or early January, I got it in my head that I had to have a poncho.

After much rumination, the project began to take shape in my consciousness. My intent was to reclaim yarn used in projects I would never finish and other scraps. When all was said and done, I would have an awesome poncho, and the tangle quotient in my yarn empire would be on a downward trend. I figured I couldn’t lose.

The first challenge was to find a crochet pattern I could use. After searching the ravelry pattern library with the terms “crochet,” “granny,” and “poncho” I found several potential contenders including this beauty from Lion Brand Yarns:

Groovy Granny Poncho from Lion Brand® Yarn

After some experimentation, I found that with an 5.0mm hook, worsted weight yarn scraps, and my personal gauge, the pattern was just right, and while there were a few bumps along the way, today I finished work on this much wanted poncho.

I last wrote about my work on this project on Super Bowl Sunday. I had completed 21 rounds and had a bazillion ends to weave in, Yesterday, I added three additional rounds:

The exterior of one side of the poncho before blocking
The exterior of the other side of the poncho before blocking

and got to work weaving in the many ends with my Clover bent-tipped yarn needle. After just two days of solid work, I had the body of the poncho done:

The interior of one side of the poncho
The interior of the other side of the poncho

In order to make the poncho as stylish as possible, I also made this decorative tie:

The string for my poncho

After blocking the body of the poncho to give it more drape and make it easier to unfurl the edges, the poncho was completed

The completed über poncho after blocking

and ready to wear:

I wear my newly completed über poncho

This poncho encompasses many aesthetics that are important to me, and I’m sure it will inspire me on many of my future crochet adventures.

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