Pete, the amigurumi white tiger

In the aftermath of my state fair project, I have spent the past few days trying to dig out from under what I think of as my non-crochet life.

While I was busy weaving in ends and joining seams, laundry accumulated (both dirty and unfolded), the pantry emptied, and yet another deadline approached, and then almost sneaked past me without my noticing.

Crochet me, an internet community for crocheters that is part of the online presence of Interweave Press, is looking to compile a 2012 amigurumi wall calendar, and they invited people to submit photos (front and back) of their original crocheted amigurumi to be considered for inclusion.

The amigurumi I submitted is a white tiger named Pete.

Here is the front view:

white crochet tiger crochet amigurumi tiger
Front view of Pete the white tiger amigurumi

The back view:

back view of white crochet tiger crochet amigurumi tiger
Back view of Pete the white tiger amigurumi

And a particularly fetching side view:

side view of white crochet tiger crochet amigurumi tiger
Particularly fetching side view of Pete the white tiger amigurumi

Pete the amigurumi white tiger is named in honor of one of my father’s all time favorite basketball players, Pete Maravich. Known as the “Pistol,” Maravich had a shooting and playing style that my father much admired and enjoyed.

Pete Maravich first came to national attention when he played basketball for Louisiana State University’s fighting tigers. Notable among Maravich’s achievements while at LSU are his many NCAA scoring records. Set at a time when freshmen players were not allowed to compete at the varsity level and there was no such thing as a 3-point shot, many of Maravich’s college records, including most career points (3,667), still stand.

Like white tigers and fierce amigurmi, Pete Maravich was a rare breed.

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