Outside forces slowly move me to action

My post-state-fair stupor is beginning to lift, but I have not quite shaken it, and when I do, I find that there are any number of household chores clamoring for my attention.

So this morning, once I had attended to a few of the household tasks that had been set aside as a result of my state fair efforts as well as a few of the chores that crop up every day, I was able to focus my attention on my current front burner project: the unfelted fat bag.

I am anxious to finish this project because I will use the information gathered to finish the felted version, and while I didn’t finish all of the crochet that needed doing, I did get within five rounds of completing the body of the bag:

The body of the future fat bag five rounds from completion

and I finished four of the six hyperbolic curlicues that will be used to make a tassel that will serve (in conjunction with a crocheted loop) as a closure for this bag-to-be:

Four curlicues for a tassel for the unfelted future fat bag

and it seems to me that the curlicues will add just the right amount of joi to this project.

The future fat bag with coordinating hyperbolic curlicues

Tomorrow, I will probably start my crochet day by weaving in the loose ends that have accumulated on this project, and then I will finish crocheting the body of the bag and begin the process of determining how I will finish the bag.

I am particularly looking forward to figuring out how to put the tassel together, because I don’t think it is possible for a project to have too many hyperbolic curlicues.

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