One step back

This morning, after completing all of the attendant chores that accompany, waking I got back to the business of unraveling squares.

As you may recall from the last episode, this is how far I had gotten in my efforts to reclaim yarn:

What my box of squares looked like this morning

After many hours focused on unraveling yarn and resisting the temptation to start on any one of the amazing projects that has been tempting me, I had gotten this far:

My increasingly empty and increasingly tidy box of squares

I unraveled squares of all colors of the rainbow. Reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, and a lot of colors in between.

As the number of squares to be unraveled diminished, and the time to begin making new hexagons grew nearer, I grabbed a tape measure, notebook, and pen and sketched out the details of my future rug.

Based on the measurements I took, the rug will require anywhere from 263 to 305 hexagons depending on which size is the best fit for the space it will be filling. Until I begin to join the hexagons and lay them out in the area I plan to place the rug, I won’t know which size will better fit the space.

I hope to have this box of yarn unraveled and wound into neatly organized balls by Saturday afternoon.

Then I can begin the process of taking two steps forward.

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