My LifeSavers® inspired project bag is put to the test

In an interview published in the 1957 Spring-Summer issue of The Paris Review, Truman Capote was asked the following question by the interviewer, Pati Hill:

Are there devices one can use in improving one’s technique?

To which Capote replied:

Work is the only device I know of.

While they were discussing the craft of writing, Truman Capote’s observation applies to all crafts, including crochet. At some point we have to abandon thinking about doing and get to the doing itself which is, to some degree, where I found myself today.

As of this morning, there were sixty days between me and the deadline for my 2011 State Fair project. To that end, when I left the house to get my youngest son to the first in a series of orthodontic appointments that will span the next 24 months, I packed my newly completed stash bag with the tools and materials I would need for my work:

crochet bag with yarn for crochet
My LifeSavers® crochet project/stash bag filled with stuff to work on while I wait at the orthodontist’s office

While the orthodontist examined my son’s mouth and plotted a course of action to straighten my son’s teeth, I sat in the waiting room for parents and began making the rectangles and squares that will be used in the quilt block motifs that will comprise this year’s state fair project.

And I was not the only parent working at her craft. Another mother was huddled over a pair of circular knitting needles, diligently adding stitches to her project.

By the time my son emerged from his first appointment to get me so that we could schedule the second appointment, I had completed 3 rectangles:

bauhaus crochet rectangles
Three dark orchid Bauhaus crochet rectangles

and five squares:

bauhaus crochet blocks crochet squares
Five Bauhaus crochet blocks for my 2011 North Carolina State Fair project

I expect that this LifeSavers® inspired project bag will be my constant companion for the next eight-and-a-half weeks, so that I where ever I find myself called to go, I can continue the work necessary to finish my 2011 state fair project:

crochet bag ready for adventure
My 2011 North Carolina State Fair project crochet bag, packed and ready for adventure

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6 thoughts on “My LifeSavers® inspired project bag is put to the test

  1. I love how bright and cheerful it is. Just out of curiosity, will you have more than this project to enter? Other things you made earlier in the year? One of your very creative stash bags, for example? 🙂


  2. Monster just had his braces off. I however was the only one sitting in the waiting room with my project diligently growing it.

    You did so much while he was in, I’m sure your project will be done in no time.

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