My LifeSaver® stash bag

In the aftermath of finishing the Quadrant Blanket Times Three, one person commented that the colors in the afghan were reminiscent of candy, and I have to say that when I dis-assembled the Quadrant Blanket proper and added the orange and purple squares to what I had done previously, the afghan did remind me of on of my favorite candies from my childhood: LifeSavers®.

Now that I am preparing to fully immerse myself in working on my 2011 North State Fair project, it occurred to me that the stash bag I love so well would also work as project bag, and in the last few days I got started making a project stash bag based on LifeSavers® candies.

I began with a Red Heart Super Saver cherry red base:

The base of my LifeSaver® stash-bag-to-be

From there, I added a row of bright yellow and dark orchid:

I add six rounds to the base of the stash-bag-to-be

followed by Red Heart Classic emerald:

The LifeSaver ® stash bag-to-be four rounds later

From there I went back to the Red Heart Super Saver in cherry red:

The LifeSaver ® stash bag-to-be still another four rounds later

followed by another ring of bright yellow:

The LifeSaver® stash bag-to-be with yet another four rounds completed

and finished with a ring of dark orchid:

The LifeSaver® stash bag with it's final round

Next, I added handles: one in the bright yellow and one in the emerald:

My LifeSavers® stash bag completed

Finally, I filled it with stash for a couple of photos. One from the side:

A view from the side of my recently completed LifeSavers® stash bag

and one looking down:

A view from the top of my recently completed LifeSavers® stash bag

I absolutely adore this bag, and I will get a lot of use out of it in the next 8 weeks as I work on my state fair project. After that, I might retire it from use as a project bag and see how it works for groceries.

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2 thoughts on “My LifeSaver® stash bag

  1. Perfect. Lifesavers were a favorite of mine, too. But Pepomint. Which were white. Making a rather boring stash bag. Which would get dirty pretty quick. 🙂

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