My Go-go granny begins to take shape

In the life of any larger project (and a number of smaller ones) there can be a period of time where the project looks nothing like what they will be. Its bits and pieces don’t seem to bear a resemblance to the final project it will become.

Such was the case with me and the project I am working on that currently has most of my attention: the go-go granny dress based on Maryse Roudier’s pattern.

The first three days I worked on it, it seemed to me to be just granny squares and granny square bits. I could not see in the pieces I had made the dress they wanted to become.

I spent most of yesterday morning in a waiting room, and while I waited, I made more granny squares. I wove in ends and tried to figure out which colors to use. At the time, I did not think that I had made that much progress. Instead, it seemed that any time I started to gain traction with the project, I would have to pack up and move to the next thing,

But today, after completing several of the squares-to-be that I had begun yesterday while waiting, I reached a tipping point where I could begin to see what form the dress would take:

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The first 14 granny squares of my go-go granny to be

At the time, the few stitches that I was able to make in the small moments of time that presented themselves to me had not seemed like much, but over the course of twenty-four hours, the stolen moments, combined with the longer stretches resulted in six more squares being finished, and another half-dozen squares in various stages of completion.

Fourteen squares completed, 80 squares to go.

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2 thoughts on “My Go-go granny begins to take shape

    1. Me too! I’ll need to find some tights and some “je ne sais quoi” to pull it all together, but it is starting to be a lot of fun.

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