My efforts to thwart entropy continue

This weekend, as part of my on going quest to bring order out of the entropy that has engulfed my office/dining table, I decided to just sit at the table and start weaving in the ends of any pieces that were within reach.

While doing that, I got other things done, but by this morning I had gotten all of these done:

A weekend's worth of weaving in ends
A weekend’s worth of weaving in ends

Pleased with my efforts, I then turned my attention to unloading the dishwasher and was confronted with a problematic shelf liner.

It was one I had crocheted when I was trying to work out an idea for a state fair project, and I had appliquéd a number of circles to the top of it which made it a lot of fun, but which also causes a lot of problems from a use perspective because the shelf in question is where the glasses go, and tet raised edge of the appliqué is just enough to cause problems.

So after I had gotten the dishes put away, I got out this partial skien of yarn:

A partial skein of yarn in need of crocheting
A partial skein of yarn in need of crocheting

and a 4.5 mm hook. Not sure what stitch I would go with for the new shelf liner, I finally settled on what is popularly known as the “Box stitch C2C,” a traditional staple of crochet that is currently undergoing a renaissance.

I try out a corner to corner swatch
I try out a corner to corner swatch

What made it most appealing to me for this project is that I would not have to make a huge swatch to get an accurate idea of how many stitches I would need to make for a foundation chain to get a well-fitting shelf liner.

So once I had tried out the stitch, I got started in earned, and before I decided to put my crochet up for the day, I had gotten this far:

The swatch on it's way to becoming a shelf liner
The swatch on it’s way to becoming a shelf liner

Despite my efforts this weekend, there is still plenty to be organized in both my kitchen and my office/dining room, but I know that if I continue, once end, one shelf liner, and one stitch at a time, I will eventually reach my goal.

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  1. this is about the 35th mention of c2c today… Guess I ought to look into learning the formation of this stitch as it seems to be screaming for my attention.

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