My adventures and misadventures in crochet

When I got up this morning, I awoke to a message on Facebook from a high school friend who lives five times zones ahead of me.

She ended the message with these words:

Hope you have a wonderfully productive day! XX

I decided to do what I could to make this hope a reality, and I started by getting myself to the post office with a few items I had ready and needed to send.

With the boxes and envelopes that had been accumulating on a counter in my kitchen dispatched, I decided to tackle finding a scarf for the chemo cap I had made using Barbara in Florida’s Head Hugger Crochet Pattern 18.

I had been trying to find a suitable scarf for several days, stopping at various stores as I drove by them on the way to somewhere else, but today, I went out for the express purpose of finding a scarf that would work and determined that I would not come home until I did.

Happily, I found something that would work at my first stop, and I threaded it through the row of double treble stitches:

crochet chemo cap with scarf
Hat made using Head Huggers Crochet Pattern 18

four over, and four under, as can been seen in greater detail here:

weaving a scarf though double treble crochet rows
Detail of weaving the scarf through the double treble crochet row

I made a decision to wash the hat before sending it, and while I was not entirely happy with the results, I am glad I did.

First, some dye did bleed out, so I used vinegar as a mordant to “fix” the dye.

Second, the fiber relaxed — a lot. So much so, that the hat went from large to ginormous.

While I was (in one respect) disappointed, I was also relieved that I had not sent it out without a thorough washing. I will be frogging and recrocheting the project so that even after washing, it wil continue to fit the intended recipient.

After the hat debacle/revelation, I moved onto the second panel of the Tetrisghan.

Having already determined the layout of the pieces, the only thing that was left was to start joining them, which I did.

Here is how far I got before it was time to go to my son’s spring concert:

joining crochet tetrominos, crochet squares
One day’s progress on joining the pieces of the second panel of the Tetrisghan

and here are the ends that will (no doubt) keep me busy over the weekend:

crochet squares joined into crochet tetrominos
A few ends to be woven in and trimmed

My friend wishing me a productive day was an amazingly effective tool in helping me to keep on track and achieve my goals, and I will definitely be thinking of her good wishes as I work to finish both the hat and the Tetrisghan, one stitch at a time.

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