Moonlit and cold!

So reads the overnight weather report.

Luckily the winds will die down overnight.

So reads the rest of the report, and I hope that it is correct as I will be up early enough to enjoy the moonlight, the cold, and (I hope) a lack of wind.

Like tomorrow, today was cold.

My dog, Clooney, loves cold weather and for most of the day, he and I worked at cross purposes. While I tried to finish work on Alice Merlino’s crochet heart scarf, Clooney tried to persuade me to take him outside so he could walk through the neighborhood and find the very best spot to sit and chew sticks.

Neither Clooney nor I experienced complete success or complete failure in our efforts. While I spent more time outside than I had planned, and he spent more time inside than he had planned, I did get the scarf mostly finished, and he did get to sit on various neighbor’s lawns long enough that I am certain I generated some brown fat that should help to keep me warmer should we get another arctic blast before winter’s end.

As for the scarf, I finished both halves,

The two halves of my rendition of Alice Merlino's crochet heart scarf

joined them as shown in the photo tutorial that is included in the directions,

Joining the two halves

and completed the border:

Alice Merlino's crochet heart scarf after the border was added and before blocking

Tomorrow, while forecast to be cold, will be measurably warmer than today. Clooney and I will, no doubt, once again be working at cross purposes, but my hope is that we will once again both make some forward progress with our chosen missions.

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5 thoughts on “Moonlit and cold!

  1. Clooney sounds a little like my 2 Chihuahuas. They wait till I am good and settled in, have gotten my rhythm going, and THAT’S when urges of all sorts hit them. my guys… 🙂

  2. Absolutely beautiful scarf! You’ve inspired me so, I finished my first scarf (just a plain half dc stitch) yesterday! Keep on doing such wonderful pieces!

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