Mindful crochet: day 3

This was my third day of reigning in my wandering mind as I work on my crochet. My goal is to stay more focused on my work, and see how that impacts my crochet.

Yesterday I finished weaving in the ends of a belated birthday rug made from a 9.00mm hook and an acrylic super bulky weight yarn (as determined using my recently acquired wraps per inch (WPI) tool).

Today, I blocked it:

crochetbug, crochet circles, crochet rug, single crochet circles
Blocking the belated birthday rug

While some people don’t see a need to block acrylic, I pretty much always block the pieces I make, and my preferred method is to fully soak the piece in water, and then roll it between as many towels as needed to get the water out. Because of this, weather is a critical component of the process as the air needs to be dry enough for the blocked piece (and the towels) to dry before mildew sets in.

Fortunately for me, after an impressive rainstorm overnight, I awoke to clear skies and dry air, and while the rug still needs another day to dry, I was able to make the circles look more regular and even, and I refitted some areas of the border where the fibers had relaxed after blocking.

Once I had the rug situated and drying, I turned my attention to my cat-runner to be. Based on a popular granny square, I used a total of 8 colors, with two colors per square. Earlier this week, I arranged and joined 28 of the 112 squares leaving me with a very portable project of 90 ends to weave in, and I wove in the last 13 ends before lunch today:

crochetbug, crochet squares, crochet color permutations, crochet blocks, granny squares, crochet cat runner
First quarter of the crochet cat runner with all of the ends woven in

The practical effect of this was that I no longer had a portable project to take with me when errands cannot be avoided, so I got to work laying out the next four rows:

crochetbug, crochet squares, crochet color permutations, crochet blocks, granny squares, crochet cat runner
The first half of the crochet cat runner to be

As the sun sets on day 3 of my mindful crochet endeavor, I am sufficiently pleased with the results that I intend to continue with it tomorrow.

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